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My music has its roots in the 60's and 70's - a time in pop music history that gave us The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Birds, Buffalo Springfield, Poco, CS&N, The Eagles and many more. As a long time resident of Southern California, I found myself immersed in the birth of country rock - and discovered it to be the perfect fit for my musical sensibilities.

I picked up guitar at an early age and began my performing experience playing coffee houses and folk clubs around San Diego.  I studied drums for a couple of years, then returned to the guitar and a serious study of music via academia.  I worked for many years as a lead guitarist and vocalist for several different local pop/rock/country bands.





These days I spend the greater part of my time immersed in the endless study of the guitar, along with working on the art and craft of composition and the development of my audio engineering and production skills.

If you are looking for a producer/multi-instrumentalist, or simply someone to collaborate with on your next project, feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.  
For examples of music I have produced for other artists, please visit
Zooface Music/production.

Dressed Fishes  -  Paul