Memories of the Heart
(words & music by Paul D. Kerry)


Memories of the heart dancing through my mind
Lingering beside me all of humankind
Tethered to a life are all the good times and the tears
You and I together we've prevailed through the years

Each one for another - unconditional love
Friendships and the human touch - help us rise above
Sharing time and space and a sense of history
Living in this mortal world, this crazy mystery

Feelings of a longing heart
Remnants of an ancient art
Time, it travels through us like a river
Leaving...  Memories of the Heart

How did I get here - so far from my home?
Long ago, so far a journey on my own
All that I have left are the feelings and memoirs
Bits and pieces of a life that fly between the stars




Won't you play for us Mozart?
Read to us René Descartes?
Pray for us the human hearts?


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