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"Songs for the Journey Home"
Here are a few tracks from last year's album -
a collection of some of my favorite folk songs -
all on the subject of human mortality.

Songs for the Journey Home

The Water Is Wide
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
All My Trials
Amazing Grace









"A New Year"
A few tracks from the album "A New Year" (2016) -
a collection of original instrumentals, inspired by a
dozen different holiday classics.

A New Year

Toys for the World  
Angles (we have seen) On Pie  
O Sacred Day  
Haul the Decks

You'll find additional tracks from this album on the Instrumentals page.



Tribute Productions:

Bob Dylan - here is my arrangement of one of my favorite Dylan songs - "Visions of Johanna"- a track from my album entitled "Early Dylan Revisited" (TBR late 2018).


Eddie Cochran - my tribute to one of the greats - the man who could do it all; write, play, sing, produce - imagine if Eddie had not passed at such a young age! I hope you enjoy my production of "Twenty Flight Rock"


Little Big Town - one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite groups - here is my tribute production of
"Leaving In Your Eyes"


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